“How Separated Dads Can See Their Kids WITHOUT Going To Court Using The CEASEFIRE METHOD” 

Finally Dads Like Us Who Want To See Their Kids Don't Need To Face The Stress And Expense Of Court, Risk Being Branded An Abuser, Or Apologise For Things We Haven't Done...

December 8th 2023
At 12:15AM Europe/London (+00:00)

Introducing Your Presenter:

Zac Fine

"I love finding dads who are desperate to see their kids. After working with clients just like you, I know that you are struggling, frustrated and feeling like a failure when it comes to being in control of your life. Together, on this one of a kind training, we will work together to finally solve this and give you "The Ceasefire Method" to ensure you see your child and get your life back. I cannot wait to see you on the training and show you this system to ensure you get control of your life back and enjoy fatherhood again." 

Your Training Starts In...

In This 45 Minute 'No Cost' Online Training You Will Discover...

    • The simple yet  effective “Ceasefire Method" that delivers a healthier co-parenting relationship in 3 months WITHOUT having to go to court
    • Why proving your ex is wrong won't fix the situation (and the much easier methods that still allow you to get control of your life back) 
    • Is your ex ruining your life? Forget about becoming her slave just to see your own child. Instead you're about to see overlooked secrets which make it possible to enjoy fatherhood and life again 
    • Why pausing the war with your ex is actually the best thing you can do right now... 
    • The breakthrough strategy that is great if you're receiving abuse or being ignored just because you want to see your own child